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Pixel food!I want to make more.


Pixel food!
I want to make more.

so in a completely theoretical event in which an anon were to ask you out (with information about themself and obviously not being a creepy old man) would you say yes? (this is the same anon from before but i'm sorry for being hecka pushy and if i'm making you uncomfortable i will super back off but you are super awesome and i would really like to get to know more people who aren't super mean and such and you fit that description plus being cute and nice) SORRY YOU DON'T HAVE TO REPLY.

Well i just got out of a relationship so technically ,no. I’d prefer if we could become friends first but thank you so much youre very nice !

how much money have you gotten from using featurepoints?

Over 80$ . I bought my lolita dress and shoes with it!

“I had a bad dream…” Shion began softly. “I wanted someone to help me, and I reached out as far as I could… and I grabbed onto your hand.”  - No.6

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yes hi i'm shy but u're cute ok ok bye (〃艸〃)

Thank you!’

how do i connect featurepoints to paypal?

You put the email you use for your paypal in your feature point app!

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Just messaged the pinkyparadise giveaway winner! They have 24hours to answer !